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Here I am, back from a more than busy time that has kept me from my regular writing. It all started with my going in late March to a conference on Technology with Disabled and Older People: Business development, Building alliances and Impact assessment, held at the London School of Economics.

I made a presentation on a project in La Fuenfría Hospital in Madrid. Its aim is improving the security of patients in relation to mobility and food and medicine intake. But about this subject I will comment at another time.

Today I only would like to express my gratitude to a sentence by Professor Heinz Wolff (Brunel University) that to me was worth the whole trip. He started a presentation in the morning of the 29 saying something like “You are all wrong, you have not realized that we are in a war economy!

That sentence says a lot to me and it should say a lot to those who are involved in the advancement of how society provides services to its citizens. For one thing, it shows how misled governments are in trying to reduce deficits by cutting services: fewer doctors or fewer teachers simply results in a deterioration of the level of health or education of the population, and in the long run will produce a bigger deficit. The population will be in worse shape (will need more care) and will be less productive (will pay less taxes).

What is really needed is a radical change in the processes by which society is delivering its services. It is not fewer doctors that we need, it is a more efficient process in delivering health care, as well as education, social care, security, etc.

Only by focussing on processes and re-engineering them will society be able to reduce its economic imbalances and, at the same time, deliver the services that will keep it productive and able to continue to pay taxes.

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