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If somebody walking down the street trips and falls because the sidewalk is somehow defective, the blame for the accident will be placed on City Hall.

If the same thing happens at home, one can only blame oneself. That’s certainly not good! It would be nice to have somebody else to blame for the problem. Unfortunately most unwanted events to which we are submitted have only one culprit: ourselves.

There is so much society can do for us and, to be sure, society’s actions will be more effective if we have prepared the ground for its intervention.

Fall prevention is an area in which the individual should be the main actor. Only by taking an active role:  making the house more secure, wearing the right shoes for every occasion, managing eating habits and medication intake, in short, assessing environment and circumstances properly and behaving accordingly, can the individual lay the ground for preventing falls.

But assessing the environment is merely a first, reactive, step. If the objective is to avoid falling, the actions to be taken should be proactive. People evolve and their needs and circumstances change with time. Real fall prevention should bear in mind those changes. Here’s an example:   it’s a good idea to adapt the bathroom and change the bathtub for a shower before it is really needed, so as to get comfortable with the new gadget and incorporate it into our everyday life as soon as possible.

Only once we have taken stock of our needs and circumstances, and taken the steps available to our resources, we can demand that society complement our needs. Paraphrasing President Kennedy´s words: Don’t ask what society can do for you; ask what you can do for yourself.

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