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In a previous post, “Tele-rehabilitation to the rescue!”, I stressed the point that rehabilitation should be put at the front of the healthcare process. Rehabilitation is also an aspect that can be easily “translated” into ICT applications. Taking advantage of this aspect should be a prime consideration for managers in the healthcare sector.

Facilitating the access of rehabilitation apps to patients will reduce the burden on rehabilitation professionals and, equally important, will also reduce the expense in medication. Both items, health professionals and medication, are at the top of the healthcare budget. The point is that rehabilitation apps should be incorporated into the prescription alternatives open to the rehabilitation professional, and its cost should be assumed by the healthcare provider, just as medicines are.

In PhysUp, a company I founded a couple of years ago, we believe in rehabilitation. We design our products to fit the customer, centring on making them simple and user friendly. The aim is to integrate into the digital domain those people who, whether due to  age or  other factors, are not yet an integral part of the active digital population.

As an example of what we have done, I am presenting an app for stroke rehabilitation. We have developed it in English, “Gaming for stroke rehabilitation”, and in Spanish, “Rehabilitación para ictus ACV”. Both can be downloaded from Google Play.

I hope you find them useful as a tool for those patients recovering from a stroke, and that this will aid them in regaining their psychomotor abilities.https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.physup.stroke

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