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I have been hearing for a long time that “fires are put out in winter”. What that means is that the work of clearing and cleaning the forest must be done during winter, to prevent fires during the summer. Equally, recovery or reconstruction after a disaster has to be worked out before the disaster occurs.

Priority 4 of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction 2015-2030 deals precisely with this. A quote from the introductory paragraph is enough to focus my point: “Disasters have demonstrated that the recovery, rehabilitation and reconstruction phase, which needs to be prepared ahead of a disaster, is a critical opportunity to ‘Build Back Better’, including through integrating disaster risk reduction into development measures,”

I know that we are still, probably, in the response phase of the prevention, preparedness, readiness, response, and recovery continuum that summarises crisis management. Nevertheless, the time to think about the recovery phase is coming, if it has not come already.

Again, as in my previous post dealing with population involvement during the emergency, there is not, to my knowledge, anything being done for the “implementation of normative frameworks, standards and plans for disaster risk reduction” involving stakeholders (civil society, volunteers, organized voluntary work organizations and community-based organizations).

The politicians are engaged in the “blame game” of trying to make the political rival responsible for almost 5 million deaths. Meanwhile, nothing is being done to inform the population on how to proceed when the next pandemic, or for that matter the next health emergency, comes. My only hope that something meaningful will be done lies in the current HORIZON EUROPE call on Disaster-Resilient Society for Europe.

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